We were four for one. And now we are 441 for all.

It started with the love for design. Since love is not enough, we put in the extra hours to perfect our skills, we walked the extra mile into understanding our clients, we befriended our own insecurities, we never settled for something we didn’t believe in or stand for.

You aren’t born a powerhouse. You become one. You turn yourself into one. How? No shortcuts, just short-circuits: you rewire yourself into better versions of yourself through every project, you find the right people to accompany you in this process and you do the best every time you get a chance.

This is us, 441 Design Powerhouse. Nice to meet you.

Octavian Cazacu

Co-Founder | Architect

If there is someone in our team who enjoys codes and cyphers, that someone is Octavian. He loves deconstructing the creative process to identify the rational and emotional blocks that one needs to lay down the foundation for a great idea. He is into building with his own hands, enjoying the physical aspect of his job as an architect. Whenever he builds something, he rebuilds himself.

Șerban Leafă

Co-Founder | Graphic Designer

Șerban doesn’t have an ‘OFF’ button when it comes to being up to date with the latest technologies, news and trends regarding design and architecture. An optimistic extrovert, Șerban always focuses to find the best there is in people and reveal it to them. His ability to stay connected and to connect with people makes him an awesome teacher and a great designer to ask for advice anytime.

Anca Dumitrescu

Co-Founder | Architect

There is no way to put this mildly and, fortunately, no need to: Anca's energy could light up a whole city. Her favourite destination is the other side of fear and she travels there often, constantly outdoing herself, constantly challenging herself and constantly making us feel like we can all conquer the world as long as we are together.

Alina Filipoiu

Co-Founder | Architect

Alina is feisty and outspoken, but her imaginarium is delicate and unconventional. Obsessed with details and dreaming of living in a John Sargent painting while running through baroque cities on the music of Alondra de la Para, she is the one with an overview of things to see what needs to be improved to turn better into the best.

Andreea Roșca


A veggie taurus with an 'order and discipline' mind & good strategy skills, Deish’s superpower is building 3D models, with a touch of Autocad and a pinch of Photoshop. She is the supreme organizer, but also a sneakerhead fond of books, plants, animals, strong perfumes, make-up & carrot cake. You could say that she makes space for creativity everywhere.

Silvia Nedelcu

Graphic Designer

Silvia experimented with music, architecture and urbanism until stumbling upon her greatest love: taking graphic design further with our team. She is ambitious, hard working, creative and funny. What she loves most is sharing her Illustrator & Photoshop tricks with the team, having coffee after lunch and discovering people.

Cristiana Moișanu


Cristiana loves stories: loves writing them and loves the way stories shape what she becomes. She is inspired by the people who live in the spaces she creates for them – the way they reflect in the physical space and make it unmistakably theirs, the way the light in a room frames their moments, the way design and art are essential for our vitality.

Alexandra Zegrean

Graphic Designer

AZ is the curious kid, the full-time dreamer, the avid reader who loves to laugh. She is a graphic designer and an animation enthusiast, but also a lover of great stories, currently evolving into a copywriter. She became part of our team a while back and never ceases to amaze us with her ever evolving skills and achieving attitude.

Andrei Nicolescu


Andrei is an architect by day and an illustrator by night. He is passionate about art and design, curious to see how experimenting shapes visual arts, while also willing to walk that extra mile into shedding a new light on familiar subjects. He started drawing as a child; now, this is his very own personal language, his very personal touch when relating to the world.


Chief Drool Director

A very important member of our team, he enjoys taking naps in the sun, going for long inspirational walks, wagging his tail at totally random people and snacking whenever possible. A huge lover of design, he is inspired mostly by those who use their hands in what they create, especially if they create a sensation of pleasure in his fury creamy coat when they pet him.