National History Museum of Romania

Gumelnita Culture


Gumelniţa- a fascinating culture full with surprising rituals that led us to the general concept of this exhibition, radiography. Lights off, black and white graphics are the elements that define this concept. Spectral purity and simplicity confer a clear information creating both aleatory and conflicting feelings.


The challenge was moving from concept to physical space by creating an exhibition in a three dimensional space. We have created a perspective that communicate through a story. The whole exhibition is based on the interaction of the story, space and people. The objects must be helped to talk to visitors, to cause them to listen. The exhibition awakens feelings which transports you into another world that constantly surprises you, making you feel curious and impatient.

The mystery was embed by transforming the museum into a machine that allows you to travel back in the past through a multi-sensory experience. The light will turn off and your senses will sharpen. Now you can see clearly, you can hear and feel the history. The ground floor of the museum was turned into the maze of black cloth which slowly takes you through the stories just to uncover, at the end,  a vanished world through a system of black lights and glass.

This historic corridor was created to serve understanding rituals and customs of Gumelnița culture. The information and the scenes calls for a reflection of lifestyle, funeral ceremonies including genetic synthesized notes and ending with archaeological periods and experiments made on site.