Diverta Bookstore

Visual Identity

One of Romania’s most known book & stationery retail companies, Diverta, has been given a new lively and colorful visual identity. For this project, we took a step back and remembered the pure and utter joy of living we first experienced as children. Back then, a blank page was easily filled with colorful imagination and a new book meant a challenge to visualize the infinite fantasy worlds inside it. Is it just us or did you also enjoy the beginning of school only because you got to buy new notebooks and all sorts of writing materials? We can see you smiling back there.
Basically, we took all these memories, feelings and emotions and came up with the brand’s new visual identity. We like to see it as a visual ticket because it invites everyone to a land where you can dive right into a sea of lively colors or simply float between fluid shapes. With the motto “Full of life” in the back of our mind, we designed a puzzle-like background with organic elements. Each one of them complements each other in tone, contrast and balance.
So there it is, the story of Diverta’s new face. We believe it’s both a creative celebration of color and a well-mannered chaos filled with jolly shapes.Diverta #fulloflife

  • Branding Design


Why choose one color when you can swim in a sea of plenty?