Zaz Wine

Naming and Label Design
Cotnari Wine House has launched the challenge of creating a Wine Brand dedicated to a young consumer target, a new target audience for the wine industry. They needed to find a new, effervescent name and create a dynamic and very visible label on the shelf. That’s how ZAZ wines appeared.
We had to create a name and a series of labels for a range of 6 wines.The wine is derived from chernozem (typical or leached) soils and silviculture ash, modified by long-term viticulture. For the label design we wanted something colorful and playful that you could easily recognize and remember. We’ve been inspired by the Cotnari vineyards, and the images of the hills full of vineyards.that we wanted integrated into the design. Geometry of the overlapping forms of the label contrasts with the style of the illustrations. Zaz is a vibration, defines something that is incredible.
  • Naming Design
  • Label Design