The Owl

Brand Identity
Mysterious realm. Undivided attention. Open invitation. 
These three were the main ingredients that, poured into a glass of creativity, shaped a new, one of a kind visual cocktail for The Owl Cocktail House. What was the story behind it all? Come find out. 
First of all, we visualized the owl as the brand’s anima. This means that it is the key element directing inwards, in touch with the subconscious – our very own mysterious realm. In the midst of midnight, when all silence is deafening, the owl’s concentrated look is giving you undivided attention. You can either freeze or accept the challenge ahead. That’s why the subtle arch shaped contour is there, it’s a visual invitation to step forward and enjoy the forest within. Open the door and have a taste of midnight mystery.
The brand’s identity revolves around a slick serif font and a detailed owl illustration.  As far as the color palette is concerned, we cautiously laid the scene for the two main brand colors:  Night Forest Green and Copper Red. The first, Night Forest Green, is the brand’s predominant color, used mostly for backgrounds. The dark tones make it easy for the text to create a lavish atmosphere and send clear information. Copper Red, on the other hand, functions as the red cherry on top and is used for details. Be it an important word or a slick design element, this color captures your attention and directs it smoothly, yet effectively. 
There it is, the story behind a brand identity created in a mysterious forest with eyes that offer you undivided attention and the promise that after all you’ve been through, everything will be Owl right after a cocktail at The Owl Cocktail House. Take our word for it.  
And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.
  • Branding Design